Auto Detailer Tips: 5 DIY Tips to Protect Your Car this Winter

  1) Look for Damaged or Missing Wheel-Well Splashguards These guards help keep water and old man winter’s salty slush from splashing into the engine compartment, where it can cause damage toRead More…

Valentine’s Day Gift Idea – Last Minute Option! DC, VA & MD

Happy Valentine’s Day one and all! It’s that time of year when  significant others try to find the perfect gift to make their partner smile. And those that don’t,  might get this response…

bad valentines gifts

Just Kidding! If above represents your relationship, no gift is going to fix that.

But for those in the Washington, DC area looking for a unique V-Day gift, read on!


With most the East Coast being under quite a bit of snow, it’s going to make going out and getting a last minute gift even harder.  And finding a thoughtful last minute gift might be close to impossible.

But if you live in the DC Metro area, I have a solution for you!


Give him or her the gift of shine? Capitol Shine that is! After all this snow is melted and salt is clinging to your love’s car, your partner is going to be so thrilled you were thoughtful and bought them a gift certificate for auto detailing services.

To sweeten the deal, we are offering 15% off all of our gift cards. Click here and enter PROMO CODE: LOVE14 to receive 15% off all gift certificates.

Capitol Shine has 12 convenient locations in DC, MD, and VA. Check out our locations page for more details.


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