Why Should You Avoid An Automatic Car Wash With Brushes?

Last week, we talked about pollen and how everyone’s cars suddenly had a yellow tint. It’s pollen season, but before you go rushing to the nearest automatic car wash, you may want to consider scheduling a hand wash instead.

We often see many cars waiting in line for the inexpensive automatic car wash – it’s quick and cheap, we understand. Bringing your vehicle to one of these locations is tempting, however, it should be noted that many of these establishments often present dangers to your car’s paint.

Side note: Ask about receiving Sportcoat Pro which has self-cleaning effects and helps repel water and other elements! You also receive 1 year warranty. More info HERE.

What’s Wrong with an Automatic Car Wash?

For starters, drive-thru car washes can leave scratches and swirls in your paint. We have had countless vehicles roll through our many locations with damaged paint as a result of the brushes at these automatic car washes. These brushes used to scrub your vehicle are not always cleaned – especially when there is no break in the traffic waiting for a wash. After the pollen hits, and all of these cars have the yellow powder accumulated over their paint, the brushes can hang onto that which, combined with the coarseness of the brush itself, can scratch your paint.


In addition, the drive-thru areas are designed to accommodate all sizes of cars, trucks, vans and SUVs. As a result of the size difference, the brushes may “scrape” harder for a SUV than for a car.

How About a Capitol Shine Hand Wash?
You’ve invested a lot of money in your vehicle, so why not INVEST when it comes to maintaining your ride? At Capitol Shine, we use the utmost care when performing our paint-safe hand wash and dry of your car’s exterior. Best of all, we can have you in and out in around 15-30 minutes, just schedule your appointment online in advance.

OR, schedule our Wash + Wax Sealant package which includes:

  • Paint-Safe Hand Wash and Dry
  • Wipe Trunk and Door Jambs
  • Clean Wheels and Dress Tires
  • Clean Windows and Mirrors Inside and Out
  • Wipe Dashboard and Console
  • Bug and Tar Removal
  • Nano Mitt (Advanced Clay Bar Surface)
  • Dress Outside Plastics and Rubber
  • Hand Wax/Sealant Exterior
  • Light Hand Buff

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Capitol Shine Sportcoat Pro Ceramic Pro DC Arlington.001


Upgrade your Full Detail or Wash + Wax Sealant detailing service to receive Sportcoat Pro! A Sportcoat Pro coating is superior to wax sealant and adds impressive shine as well as protection to your paint, glass, wheels, plastics and more.

Adding a ceramic layer of Sportcoat Pro in place of sealant is not only affordable, it helps to keep that glossy look for longer while also providing protection from scratches, UV rays and water spots. Sportcoat Pro is a nano ceramic, super hydrophobic glossy coating – perfect for those looking to quickly increase the shine and protection factor of his/her ride and includes:

  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Self-Cleaning Effects
  • SUPER Gloss
  • UV Protection
  • Never Wax Again!

Sportcoat Pro provides an affordable protection option for you and your vehicle.

Learn more at our paint protection destination, ceramicpro-dc.com.