Back to School: 10% OFF INTERIOR SHAMPOOS!

It’s time for school, and Capitol Shine wants to help you get off on the right foot. So before your van, SUV, car or truck becomes the school-drop-off-soccer-practice-pickup-band-recital-preparation-friends-carrying-breakfast-restaurant-on-wheels vehicle, let us give it a good cleaning.

Use promo code “InteriorTen” when scheduling.

Schedule your Interior Shampoo with 10% off and receive a full interior detailing with:

  • Clean Windows and Mirrors Inside and Out
  • Wipe Dashboard and Console
  • Vacuum Inside and Trunk
  • Apply Air Freshener
  • Clean and Dress Leather, Vinyl and Rubber
  • Shampoo Seats, Mats, Carpets & Door Panels
  • Spot Clean Interior Roof
  • Fine Clean Dash and All Components
*Prices before discount range from $145 – $185 depending on vehicle size*

After that, you may want to consider a protective interior coating. Our protective Ceramic Pro formula (starting at $290) helps repel liquids (it beads up on the surface!) and makes cleanup much easier. Think of how fresh and clean your car’s interior will be with no more stains. That’s why Capitol Shine believes a clean car = a clear mind.

Our Specially Formulated Interior Protective Coatings Are:

  • Durable
  • Super Hydrophobic (liquids bead up!)
  • UV Resistant
  • Stain & Spill Repellent
  • Wear Resistant
  • and make anything EASY TO CLEAN

To find out more about Ceramic Pro Interior Protection, please send us a message by clicking here.

To schedule your Interior Shampoo with 10% off, use promo code “InteriorTen” and visit