With the recent onslaught of rain in the DC Metro area, there’s no better time to think about making your vehicle safer. You may have heard about our protective coating products like American-made Opti-Coat Pro, or the hardest paint protection available, Ceramic Pro. These coatings help protect your paint and wheels from sun damage, dirt, rocks, scratches, corrosion and more. Did you also know this same protection is available for your windshield? Capitol Shine’s Ceramic Pro RAIN, similar to Rain-X, helps rain to bead up on your windshield, which makes for a clearer view of the road.

What separates Capitol Shine’s Ceramic Pro RAIN from similar products, like Rain-X, is the durability and hydrophobic characteristics. Once applied, this product lasts up to a year! Our Ceramic Pro RAIN:

  • Keeps glass cleaner
  • Is super hydrophobic – up to 110 degrees
  • Allows water to roll off glass
  • Has excellent wear resistance

The video above shows just how Capitol Shine’s Ceramic Pro RAIN works for windshields – no wipers were needed! Explore all of our protective coatings for windshields, paint, wheels and more here, then schedule your appointment online. Please schedule your appointment at least 24 hours in advance to insure time and date – We’ll see you there!

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