Just like the paint on your vehicle, the plastic and trim components can become faded, chalky and marred over time. In addition to looking unsightly, the plastic may end up drying out and cracking. The first step in fixing damaged plastic, as seen on the black rear tail light trim in the above picture, is through a correction process.
Sun can oxidize plastic and cause it to fade. By properly cleaning the plastic and using certain chemical dressings, it is possible to restore the look and sheen back to near-factory conditions. Some of these chemicals can be found at your local automotive store. However, applying these solutions should be done with caution, as getting it on anything other than the plastic can potentially cause damage to that area – especially the paint and clear coat. If you are unsure about using these products, consider having an auto detailer do the job. After the trim has been restored, it is now time to apply a protective coating to avoid UV rays and future fading.

When considering adding a coating to your plastic or trim, consider Capitol Shine’s Ceramic Pro Plastic. This protective layer is:

  • Extremely durable
  • Makes trim easy to clean
  • Super hyrdrophobic (water beads up!)
  • UV Resistant
  • Wear Resistant
  • Provides a moderate sheen
  • Works for both interior and exterior components
We know you have questions on Capitol Shine’s Ceramic Pro, and we’re here to answer them, so send us a message, review our FAQ page, or schedule and appointment. In addition to Ceramic Pro, we can also fix that faded trim, give your car a wax job, vacuum, shampoo the interior, correct paint issues, clean your engine and more. See all of our services here. After all, our motto is “Clean Car, Clear Mind.”