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Are You Ready for Ceramic Pro?

Do you park towards the back of the lot to reduce the risk of scratches, dings, dents and scrapes? Does keeping your vehicle clean and glossy rank high on your to-do list?Read More…


Restore Your Headlights

Experience notably brighter, clearer headlights Before and After Capitol Shine’s Headlight Restoration The Importance of Clean Headlights Behind the wheel, anything that compromises your ability to see clearly also compromises your safety.Read More…


Damage To Your Interiors Over the Holiday? Take 25% Off Our Interior Shampoo

Stains, Sand, Dirt, Water and More Can be removed with the Capitol Shine┬áInterior Shampoo. Damage Control We hope you had a great holiday weekend this past July 4th! There were road trips,Read More…


Protect Your Paint From Sun Damage!

Your Vehicle Needs Sunscreen Too! Whew! We’ve had some record-breaking heat lately. Just as your skin can get sunburned, so can the paint of your car, truck, van, or SUV. Vehicle SunRead More…


Should You Clay Bar Your Car?

What is a Clay Bar and What Does it Do? Clay bars go deep into your automobile’s surface to remove even more contamination after a wash. What is it? A clay barRead More…

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Capitol Shine launches Ceramic Pro in Washington, DC

Capitol Shine is the sole distributor of Ceramic Pro – an amazing new protective coating for cars. There is nothing like it in the United States that we have run across inRead More…