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Capitol Shine Is More Than A Car Wash…

What Other Services Does Capitol Shine Provide? As we’ve previously talked about, Capitol Shine has evolved over the years to offer more and more services beyond our popular hand wash and vacuuming.Read More…


The Elements vs. Your Car’s Paint

Are Natural Elements Harmful To Your Paint? This past weekend was wet and soggy. Luckily, we can now experience some sunny weather before more expected rain this Thursday through next Monday. ItRead More…


A Reminder: Avoid Automatic Car Washes For Cleaning Pollen

Why Should You Avoid An Automatic Car Wash With Brushes? Last week, we talked about pollen and how everyone’s cars suddenly had a yellow tint. It’s pollen season, but before you goRead More…


Protection Against Pollen

Pollen Everywhere! But Does It Damage Your Paint? Over the past week or two, many of us have noticed a difference when walking to our cars – a yellowish tint overlaying theRead More…


How To Protect Your Wheels and Calipers | Capitol Shine’s Ceramic Pro

Wheels At Capitol Shine/Ceramic Pro DC,  we talk a lot about protection for your paint, but what about protection for your wheels? In cities like Arlington, D.C. and Bethesda, parallel parking can takeRead More…


Capitol Shine April Promo: $10 Off Interior Shampoo

Save $10 Off Our Complete Interior Shampoo Package “April Showers Bring May Flowers.” It’s a popular saying, however we bet the poets of the 1600’s, where this phrase originated from, didn’t have toRead More…


We Clean Child Car Seats And Strollers!

Capitol Shine can not only clean and detail your interior, we can clean your child seats and strollers as well! If we were to rank which kinds of seats accumulate the mostRead More…


Start The Year Off With A Clean Interior From Capitol Shine

Stains, Sand, Dirt, Water and More Can be removed with the Capitol Shine Interior Shampoo and Detail. Start The Year Off With A Clean Interior – You’ll Feel The Difference When Driving! InRead More…


Promo Extended! 10% OFF A Full Detail (Interior and Exterior Cleaning!)

#WinterIsComing, and it can be rough on your vehicle. Your paint, wheels and carpet all take a beating from the elements, so prepare for snow, salt, ice and more with 10% off Capitol Shine’s Full Detail Package which includes:


Full Detailing vs.Maintenance: A Crucial Difference

One of the questions we are often asked is “What goes into detailing my vehicle?” or “How is detailing different from washing a car?” Essentially, detailing goes beyond a regular quick car wash and is the process of performing a thorough cleaning and finishing of an automobile, both inside and out, to produce a show-quality level of detail.