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Why To Avoid The Automatic Car Wash After the Sleet and Snow

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Before & After: Paint Correction & Ceramic Pro

Before & After: Paint Correction & Ceramic Pro By now you have probably heard us mention our paint protective coatings like Ceramic Pro or Opti-Coat Pro. These coatings add shine and protectionRead More…


Avoid the Line After the Snow: Automatic Car Wash Dangers

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Why You Should Clean Your Vehicle Before Traveling

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Paint Correction: What Is It?

By now you have probably heard us mention our paint protective coatings like Ceramic Pro or Opti-Coat Pro. These coatings add shine and protection to your paint, glass, wheels, plastics and more.Read More…


Fixing Scratches on Your Car: DIY or Professional?

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Spray Wax vs. Hard Wax – What’s The Difference?

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Hand Wash & Detail vs. Automatic Car Wash

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Ceramic Pro RAIN by Capitol Shine Keeps Your Windshield Clean

Mud, Snow, Water, Ice & More Will No Longer Impair Your Vision Capitol Shine offers a wide variety of protection for your vehicle’s paint, rubber, plastic and NOW YOUR WINDSHIELD. With Ceramic ProRead More…

Ceramic Pro by Capitol Shine Offers Interior Protection

Protection for Upholstery, Suede, Leather, Plastic and more.

You may have heard of our awesome paint protection solution called Ceramic Pro. However, you may not know that Capitol Shine’s Ceramic Pro can protect your interior as well. Our full range of Ceramic Pro products include Textile, Leather, Plastic, Rubber and more.

What does this mean for you? We know accidents happen, but there’s no use in crying over spilled milk! With Ceramic Pro, that spilled milk will instantly bead up to give you the easiest cleanup ever. Think of how fresh and clean your car, truck, van or SUV’s interior will be with no more stains. That’s why Capitol Shine believes a clean car = a clear mind.

Ceramic Pro Textile

Capitol_Shine_Ceramic_Pro_TextileAfter applying TEXTILE to your vehicles upholstery, any liquids that come into contact with the fabric will form beads and simply roll off, which means keeping your seats dry! Your interior will repel dust, water and more while keeping everything as clean as ever.

Ceramic Pro Plastic and Rubber


The great thing about Ceramic Pro PLASTIC and RUBBER is that it works for both the interior and exterior of your vehicle, whether it’s new or old! Any plastic or rubber surface coated with CP Plastic and Rubber will give a hydrophobic (fancy huh?) effect with wear resistance.

Ceramic Pro Leather


Ceramic Pro LEATHER offers UV protection which prevents your leather from aging and even helps make old leather look new! The coating prevents all kinds of dirt and <insert whatever you want here> from becoming ingrained into your leather. Any liquids spilled simply bead up on surface and can easily be wiped away.

Still don’t believe me huh? You’re a tough customer. No matter, why don’t you watch this video example that just so happens to have awesome music:

Have more questions? I hope so! Please visit our Capitol Shine Ceramic Pro page to find more information as well as to schedule your FREE estimate. It’s time to stop worrying about spills and stains!