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Choices: Paint Protection Film, Clear Bras, Ceramic Coatings, Tint, Sealants

Now Is The Time To Protect Your Investment Capitol Shine is now your one-stop shop for all things paint protection and detailing. Choose from: XPEL Automotive Window Tint XPEL Paint Protection FilmRead More…


Xpel Automotive Window Tint Is Now Available

Traditional window tint has been reinvented! Capitol Shine’s paint protection department, Ceramic Pro DC/Xpel, now offers window tint! Automotive window tint isn’t just about keeping a low profile anymore. XPEL PRIME notRead More…


Last Chance To Save 10% Off Clear Bras, Paint Protection Film, Ceramic Pro and Sportcoat Pro

**OCTOBER 2019 PROMO: Until 31, 2019, Capitol Shine is offering 10% off Clear Bras, Paint Protection Film, Ceramic Pro and Sportcoat Pro. Mention promo code “OctoberProtection” when scheduling HERE** Capitol Shine’s films areRead More…


Wax On, Wax Off (Forever). Why Wax Is No Longer Relevant. Why Use PPF Or Ceramic Coatings?

**OCTOBER 2019 PROMO: From October 1-31, 2019, Capitol Shine is offering 10% off Clear Bras, Paint Protection Film, Ceramic Pro and Sportcoat Pro. Mention promo code “OctoberProtection” when scheduling HERE** The Battle For Paint ProtectionRead More…


Think Beyond “Car Wash” – Auto Detailing Is What Your Car Craves

What Exactly Does Auto Detailing Mean? The confusion of “washing” vs. the professional “detailing” of a car is not uncommon. After all, aren’t we really just cleaning the car? The answer isRead More…


Film, Clear Bras, Ceramic Coatings, Wax, Sealants – What’s The Difference?

The Battle For Paint Protection We talk all of the time about our different ceramic coating options, which include Ceramic Pro and Opti-Coat. However, what may not always be clear is what theRead More…


What Does The Color Of Your Car Say About You? Also, How To Change Your Car’s Color With PPF

What Your Car Color Choice May Mean First, we must admit, we’re no psychologists. Having said that, there have been many studies done on color and the meaning behind them. At CapitolRead More…


Capitol Shine Detailing and Maintenance Packages

Detailing vs. Maintenance Packages Why do we encourage all first-time Capitol Shine visits to receive our Full Detail prior to our maintenance packages? “What does detailing mean anyways? Isn’t is just a carRead More…


Flash Sale: $10 Off Wash + Sealant w/ Promo Code Through 3/31/19

$10 Off Our Wash + Sealant Package Right now through March 31, 2019, schedule a Wash + Sealant and receive $10 off the total! Use promo code “Sealant10” when scheduling. What’s OurRead More…


But Which One? Choosing Your Paint Protection Film/Clear Bra Package

We offer Paint Protection Film, what many also call clear bras. Our films are extremely durable, can be removed and replaced, provide excellent rock chip protection and self healing effects. The question is, “Which package works for me?” 

We understand that different drivers have different requirements, different driving environments, different routes and different budgets. So, let’s take a look.