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What is a Clay Bar and What Does it Do?

Clay bars go deep into your automobile’s surface to remove even more contamination after a wash.

What is it?

A clay bar is used after a wash and before waxing takes place. On some vehicles there is paint contamination that can prevent your car, truck, van, or SUV from giving off the ultimate shine. There may be overspray, brake dust, metal particles, industrial pollution, or more that can linger after washing – and that is where the clay bar treatment comes in!

What’s the Process?

At Capitol Shine, we take the time to thoroughly wash your vehicle. After a good wash, the paint should be as smooth as glass. If it’s not, or if the paint feels gritty, we can use a clay bar along with a liquid solution that picks up all the extra particles, dust, pollution and more. After the clay bar, your vehicle is ready for a wax and polish so good you’ll swear we gave it a new layer of paint!

Is a Clay Bar Treatment Safe?

When your vehicle was originally painted, layers of clear coat were applied after the color. Over time, the clear coat is what gathers all of that pollution and dirt. The clay bar is meant to help restore the clear coat to before all of the pollution took place. So no, there is no harm done to the paint or clear coat – only a thorough, deep cleaning!

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