capitol shine pet dog hair removing removal ceramic pro

The DC Metro area is full of pet friendly areas: Parks, restaurants, walking trails and more. We love driving our pets around to the best locations and letting them run free. Unfortunately, that also means ending up with pet hair in our car’s interior – it’s a small price to pay for our pet’s happiness! So how does one remove this accumulation of hair?


Hair differs from stains and crumbs because the hair itself can weave in-between the upholstery fabric, making it more stubborn to remove. In addition, the longer pet hair remains on the seats and carpets, the more embedded it becomes – not to mention the odor that may be associated with it. There are two options for removing hair: do it yourself, or have a professional auto detailer take care of it. If you are planning to do it yourself, just remember that patience is key. One of the main problems with pet hair is static cling. To help alleviate this cling, use a wet cloth to wipe down the seats and carpets – this helps in loosening up remaining hair. Next, use a lint roller, hard wire brush, or even a fabric sheet! After removing a large majority of the hair, a simple vacuum can help remove any excess dog or pet hair.

Depending on how long the hair has been in the car, it could go deeper into the seats and carpets and therefore cannot be removed with the simple steps above. Luckily, Capitol Shine has the right tools to finish the job. We have special brushes and high-powered vacuums that are specially designed to remove items like pet hair, deep stains, food and more. Our Interior Shampoo package also helps to go deep into your upholstery and remove stains and odors.

Capitol Shine’s Interior Shampoo

Our Interior Shampoo package will leave your upholstery and carpets looking amazing. This is a complete interior detailing that includes: 

  • Clean Windows and Mirrors Inside and Out
  • Wipe Dashboard and Console
  • Vacuum Inside and Trunk
  • Apply Air Freshener
  • Clean and Dress Leather, Vinyl and Rubber
  • Shampoo Seats, Mats, Carpets & Door Panels
  • Spot Clean Interior Roof
  • Fine Clean Dash and All Components

Interior Protective Coatings

Preventative measures always work best. While pet hair is an animal of its own (excuse the pun), stains and other interior problems can be easier to clean up. You may have heard of our awesome paint protective coatings, however you may not know that Capitol Shine also offers protection for your interior as well. Our full range of protective coating products cover textile, leather, cloth, plastic, suede, rubber and more! An interior coating with Capitol Shine’s Ceramic Pro or Opti-Coat Pro helps liquid to bead up and stay on the top surface, making cleaning simple and preventing stains. Capitol Shine’s Ceramic Pro and Opti-Coat protective coatings are:

  • Durable
  • Super Hydrophobic (liquids bead up!)
  • UV Resistant (helps against fading)
  • Stain and Spill Repellent 
  • Wear Resistant

If you are interested in taking preventative measures against stains on your vehicle’s interior, Capitol Shine may just have the answer. Send us a message to learn about pricing and more. 

Pet hair removal prices vary by vehicle. To find out your estimate, or to receive your Interior Shampoo, Ceramic Pro or Opti-Coat estimate, head over to our scheduling page and make an appointment! Please schedule at least 24 hours in advance to insure time and date.