At Capitol Shine, we take pride in the clean vehicles that roll out from our many locations. In addition to the outside and interior, the engine bay needs to be cleaned too.

An engine cleaning can help improve performance, prevent problems down the line, help identify leaks and corrosion, and helps the resale value.

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding an engine cleaning:

Q:  What chemicals do we use?

A: Professional grade engine degreaser, sealant, and a non acidic wheel cleaner sometimes as well.

Q: Do we cover the electrical components so they do not get damaged?

A: Absolutely.

Q: Do we add trim to shine the engine?

A: Sealant for paints and superlative for all rubber and plastics

Q: How much does an engine cleaning cost?

A: Our Engine Clean & Polish package is convienently priced at $45

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