Enough, is enough, already! We know this winter has been cold/snowy/salty mess in Washington, DC and for the rest of the east coat but dire weather conditions aren’t an excuse to put your BMW/Lexus/Audi/(insert luxury car name here) through an automatic car wash.


Ferrari Goes Through Automatic Car Wash. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Some may ask…”Why, is an automatic car wash so bad?”

An automatic car washes scratch your car’s paint and can add swirl marks. (It’s one thing to own a 2001 Corolla and take it through the automatic car wash, it’s another thing all together to scratch $100K + vehicle) Get a grip people! You could afford the car, you need to make time for the maintenance.

In an automatic car wash, the brushes used to scrub your vehicle are not cleaned. If the car that went in before you just got back from a sandy beach vacation, there will be some sand left in the brushes that can scratch your paint.


BMW Swirl Marks

Plus, the workers at the end usually use the same towel as the car before to dry your car by hand. There is nothing worse than drying your car with a dirty towel (one time I saw a guy at a car wash drop his car on the gritty asphalt, pick it up and continue to use it on the next car in line…it made me shiver)

But, you have salt on your car and it needs to be taken care of ASAP.

What to do?

Book appointments ahead of time with a reputable auto-detailing shop in the local area. Our detail shop, Capitol Shine servicing DC, VA & MD allows customers to books appointments online. Why wait in long lines when you can schedule ahead?  During the salty mess in the DC area, Capitol Shine honored all appointments for customers who booked appointments on-line ahead of time.

After a big snow, many detail shops will be booked with walk-in appointments. But for those customers that plan and schedule ahead of time (even possibly the morning of) they will find that many detail shops can accommodate them.

In short, there are qualified auto detailers in your local area.  No matter the scenario, there is no excuse for a Ferrari to ever see the inside of an automatic car wash. (and we’d argue that the Corolla would look better coming to us too)










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