There are a many ways your vehicle’s paint can become contaminated. Whether it’s swirl marks, scratches, fading, chipping, a lack of shine or more, it never ends well. Did you know, just driving through an automatic car wash can result in swirl marks?

But how do you know if the paint is really contaminated, or if it’s just dirty? Here’s how you tell: First, wash your vehicle (or have it hand-washed by a certain detailing company – hint, hint). Then, park your car out in this Spring sunlight, which will show any imperfections in the paint. If your vehicle is freshly washed, you should be able to run your hand over the surface, which SHOULD feel as smooth as glass. If it feels grainy, it does not necessarily mean your paint is beyond saving – THERE ARE SOLUTIONS.

Many swirl marks and scratches in the top layer of your paint’s surface can be buffed out. How? First, a clay bar surface treatment will take any excess dirt and grime off the surface of your vehicle. Next, a wax and buff will help bring out your vehicle’s true shining potential.

There are many vehicles where the paint looks beyond saving, however, that may not be the case. Start by scheduling your hand wash by Capitol Shine. After that, we can assess where your vehicle’s paint stands. If more extreme measures are needed, we can arrange that. Your vehicle may just need our Wash + Wax. This process consists of a paint-safe hand wash and dry of the exterior, trunk and door jambs, windows, mirrors, dashboard, console, wheels and tires. Then we use bug and tar removal, a clay bar surface treatment, and a dressing of the outside plastics and rubber. We then hand wax the exterior and polish it all off with a light hand buff.

Spring is here. And more sunlight = more protection needed. The hotter it gets, the more your vehicle’s paint is at risk, so let’s get started.

Avoid this by scheduling your initial Wash + Wax at Capitol Shine.

If, however, you are looking for extreme paint protection that goes beyond waxing, we recommend Ceramic Pro 9H, the HARDEST paint protection available.

To schedule your Hand Wash, Wash + Wax or Ceramic Pro assessment, head on over to our scheduling page. Please try to schedule at least 24 hours in advance to secure your appointment time. We’ll see you there!