Capitol Shine’s Snow Foam Wash

Capitol Shine is excited to announce the incorporation of snow foam into our hand-washing process.

Foam allows for more surface coverage upfront which helps to start breaking down dirt, chemicals and pollutants prior to the hand wash. While we have always used the utmost care in washing your vehicle, the use of foam helps to lift dirt up before we wash which means the chance of scratches are greatly reduced.

What’s the process? 

After the pre-soak, your vehicle is coated, roof-to-tire, in foam which sits for a few minutes before we get to work washing everything off. Of course foam alone isn’t the key to the perfect shine. The right motions, mitts and drying all go into making your car sparkle like new.

To book your Hand Wash, Wash + Vac, Quick Shine or Full Detail with our new Snow Foam, head over to our scheduling page to make an appointment! Please schedule at least 24 hours in advance to ensure time and date.

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