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Capitol Shine’s films are extremely durable, can be removed and replaced, provide excellent rock chip protection and self healing effects. In fact, Capitol Shine’s Xpel brand is the industry’s first self healing paint protection film. Ultimate self-healing protective film for a chip free bumper, scratch free hood, mirror caps, headlights, fog lamps and more.

In addition, many of our customers have chosen to wrap their vehicle in film is because of the variety of colors offered. Imagine changing your vehicle’s color while preserving the original paint underneath. The film can be removed at a later time and return the vehicle to its factory color. Capitol Shine offers different packages of film wrapping for different areas of your vehicle.

We offer 3 Paint Protection Film packages:

  • Full bumper wrap
  • Full bumper | Partial hood | Partial fenders | Both side mirrors
  • Full Bumper | Full hood | Full Fenders | Both side mirrors

The majority of our customers who receive film also have a protective coating applied on top of the film for even greater protection – the thicker the layer, the harder it is to penetrate the paint.

Schedule your free paint protection film estimate and find out more at ceramicpro-dc.com/paint-protection-film-clear-bra or call 202-380-7100.

Another Paint Protection Option is Ceramic Pro:

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When it comes to choosing the right paint protection for your car, truck, van or SUV, Capitol Shine provides you with options. Ceramic Pro 9H is a revolutionary and transparent glass coating – the thickest, hardest paint protection coating available, and comes with a LIFETIME Warranty. Ceramic Pro 9H is a new generation of coating technology. It outperforms and outlasts older products like wax, sealants and clear bras.

  • Ceramic Pro Is Unique: Not a wax or sealant like what’s offered by most other paint protection companies.
  • Ceramic Pro Is Extremely Durable: Forms a permanent bond only removable by abrasion such as machine polishing.
  • Ceramic Pro Requires Less Maintenance: Ceramic Pro sealed surfaces stay clean longer and never need to be waxed.
  • Ceramic Pro Is Versatile: Provides protection not only for paint, but alloy wheels, glass, rubber, plastics, leather and fabrics.

If you are looking for lighter but still effective protection, consider Sportcoat Pro.

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Adding a ceramic layer of Sportcoat Pro to a clean vehicle will help keep that glossy look for longer while also providing protection from scratches, UV rays and water spots. Sportcoat Pro is a nano ceramic, super hydrophobic glossy coating – perfect for those looking to quickly increase the shine and protection factor of his/her ride.

  • 1 layer of Sportcoat Pro on all painted exterior surfaces
    • 1 Year Warranty
    • Self-Cleaning Effects
    • SUPER Gloss
    • UV Protection

View all of our Ceramic Pro and Sportcoat Pro packages at ceramicpro-dc.com/ceramic-pro-packages. Schedule your free Ceramic Pro estimate and find more information here or call 202-380-7100.

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