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It’s cold and flu season, so what does that mean for your car’s interior? In your car, germs can quickly spread all around through sneezing, dirty tissues and improper disinfecting. Don’t take our word for it though, as according to an article published in USA Today, “the car can be a very big place to pass bacteria back and forth if you are not careful.”

Infection preventionist and president of the DC Metro Chapter of the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology, Jill Holdsworth, states, “The No. 1 hot spots would be anywhere that you touch with your hands” and as USA Today points out, “These areas include the steering wheel, radio, gear shift, cup holders and car seats…Car interiors are often overlooked for disinfecting and deep cleaning.”

A test conducted by ABC News with the help germ expert Dr. Chuck Gerba “Found that cars are the moldiest of all forms of transportation..the germiest areas in your car are your dashboard, your change holder and where you keep your coffee, actually. The reason is … because the air flows … over your dashboard and so, the bacteria tend to build up on that surface.” ABC News also added that “On the car seat, Gerba found hundreds of thousands of bacteria from the sample he took, plus mold all over a child safety seat.”

So How Does Capitol Shine’s Interior Shampoo Help Clean the Germs?

For starters, it’s more than just a shampoo of the seats, mats, carpets and door panels. We clean the windows and mirrors inside and out. Then we vacuum the interior and trunk, followed by cleaning and dressing the leather, vinyl, and rubber. We’ll wipe the dashboard and console, fine clean all components, and top it all off with an air freshener – all with 10% off the total, just use the promo code “BYEGERMS”. We can even remove deeply embedded food and other stains:


To schedule your Interior Shampoo with 10% off through 2/29/16, or for any of our other services, visit our scheduling page or call 202.380.7100. Just mention promo code “BYEGERMS” in the notes.


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