Remove Pet Odors, Cigarette Smoke and More

At Capitol Shine, we receive a variety of vehicles with different stains, odors and more. One of the more common odors our customers experience is that of cigarette smoke or pets, especially in a recently purchased used car. Air fresheners and fragrances can mask the smell, but for the most part, they are only temporary solutions. One of the main factors that determines whether or not the odor can be removed is how long it has been in the vehicle. The longer the smell has been there, the better chance it has of becoming more ingrained into the upholstery and mats.

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Getting rid of unpleasant interior odors will not only make your vehicle smell nicer, it will also increase the resale value. Capitol Shine offers different services ranging from a shampoo up to ventilation decontamination.

interior detailing

For Simple Odors

If the odor is not too strong, you may be able to just use a deodorizer. This is available in a variety of brands and fragrances. Another method others have used is baking soda. Pour some baking soda in an open container (like a cup) and set in the cup holder. Let this sit to help absorb the odor (side note, this method also works for smelly refrigerators). You may also sprinkle some on and underneath the floor mats. Let that sit for a while then vacuum up. An important note to remember is that the floor should be dry when using baking soda. If the floor is wet, the baking soda will absorb the water, not the smell.

If the odor still does not go away, it may mean that the hard surfaces need to be cleaned. Using window cleaner around the edges of the window and on other interior surfaces can help remove nicotine. The vents and filters may also need to be cleaned.

The best way to start removing any odor is through vacuuming. If the odor has not been around long, a vacuum and wipe-down of the interior may just do the trick.

Some odors are just too stubborn and too strong to be removed by simple methods, and that’s where Capitol Shine can help. We offer vacuuming services for those who would rather not do it themselves, and we also offer a more detailed interior cleaning.

Capitol Shine’s Method

Our method of removing odors (like cigarette smoke) starts with an interior shampoo. This package not only cleans the upholstery, but also the dash and interior components. Our complete Interior Shampoo package price depends on your size vehicle (find it HERE). With that, you’ll get:

  • Clean Windows and Mirrors Inside and Out
  • Wipe Dashboard and Console
  • Vacuum Inside and Trunk
  • Apply Air Freshener
  • Clean and Dress Leather, Vinyl and Rubber
  • Shampoo Seats, Mats, Carpets & Door Panels
  • Spot Clean Interior Roof
  • Fine Clean Dash and All Components

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What if the odor is still there? Try A Ventilation Decontamination

Many times, strong odors can sometimes still exist after the car has been detailed. If it’s still present after the first interior shampoo, we can do another shampoo with odor decontamination. We can also clean the ventilation filter where odors tend to stick around. There are many crevices and areas where odors can linger, and Capitol Shine knows exactly where to look. The combination of these methods can many times eliminate the odor once and for all.

We can also clean your child seats and strollers as well! Ask about this service when scheduling your appointment.

To schedule your interior shampoo or ventilation decontamination, head over to our scheduling page to make an appointment (and don’t forget about 10% off interior shampoos through 9/30/19!).