Capitol Shine’s Sportcoat Pro: What Is It?


You’ve heard us talk about our paint protective coatings like Ceramic ProOpti-Coat Pro or Paint Protection Film. These coatings add shine and protection to your paint, glass, wheels, plastics and more.

Capitol Shine services all types of vehicles, and maybe you’re not ready for one of these investments or are looking for lighter protection. If this sounds like you, we would like to tell you about Capitol Shine’s Sportcoat Pro

Adding a ceramic layer of Sportcoat Pro to a clean vehicle will help keep that glossy look for longer while also providing protection from UV rays, water spots and more. Sportcoat Pro is a nano ceramic, super hydrophobic glossy coating – perfect for those looking to quickly increase the shine and protection factor of his/her ride. Sportcoat Pro also comes with a 1 year warranty!

Sportcoat Pro provides an affordable protection option for you and your vehicle. If you would like to learn more or for a FREE quote, please send us a message at

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