What’s the Difference? Hard vs. Spray Wax

Essentially, a spray wax is to help maintain your vehicle after you have received a hard wax job.

Spray wax is easier to apply evenly to a vehicle’s exterior. It is a great way to quickly bring out your vehicle’s true shining potential in-between heavy wax jobs. Professional auto detailers (such as yours truly) use both products. Your vehicle should always have a base of a hard wax to protect your paint. It takes longer to apply, but also lasts longer as well as provides better protection. Hard wax comes in extra handy during those harsh winter OR summer months. The general rule of thumb is to hard wax your vehicle every three months while using spray wax in-between to maintain protection and shine. If you drive your vehicle in many harsh conditions (heavy rain, snow, ice, hot days, etc.) it is also common practice to receive a hard wax job sooner than every 3 months. 

As the saying goes, “Winter Is Coming.” If you haven’t received a wax job to protect your vehicle this winter, then let’s change that. Schedule an appointment for a Full Detail, Wash + Wax, or Quick Shine today and we’ll do the work! Not to mention saving some $$.

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You paid a lot of money for your vehicle, let’s make sure it stays in the best shape possible. Head over to CapitolShine.com to schedule your appointment – we’ll see you there!