This week’s blog post comes from our friends at Ceramic Pro UK on the benefits of combining Paint Protection Film with Ceramic Pro. 

Everything ages, especially the paintwork and exterior of your car. It gets bleached by the sun’s rays, scratched by stones and debris thrown up from the road, and dinged by everything from garage doors to passenger handbags. This means a lot of time and money needs to be dedicated to maintenance.

But there is a way around this. By combining Paint Protection Film with Ceramic Pro you can hold back the aging process and keep your car looking sleek and clean, whatever life throws at it.

The benefits of combing Paint Protection Film with Ceramic Pro

Although both Paint Protection Film and Ceramic Pro share similar qualities, there are crucial things that each does that the other can’t. This means combining the two will actually give you the best of both worlds.

Comparing Paint Protection Film with Ceramic Pro

By also applying Ceramic Pro on your vehicle, you will be creating an extremely hydrophobic coating that makes water bead and sheet off of the surface. It also makes you car extremely glossy and much easier to clean because you effectively have a layer of glass covering your car’s surfaces.

Because PPF and Ceramic Pro each have different qualities, you don’t have to see them as an either-or choice. You can actually have the best of both worlds.

Ceramic Pro can either be applied on top of the PPF layers to provide ultimate protection that is essential for navigating rough terrain and will make your car extremely low maintenance.

Or you can get a combination of PPF and ceramic pro applied to key areas of your vehicle. Speak to your local coating and detailing experts (Ceramic Pro DC/Capitol Shine) for the best advice to suit your needs.

Combining both Ceramic Pro and PPF will give you a glossy, extremely durable, hydrophobic coating that resists scratch marks, swirl marks and hard water spots and is super easy to clean. What’s not to like?

Ceramic Pro Features PPF Combined

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