What Can The Color of Your Car Mean?

Let’s take a break from all the detailing talk. At Capitol Shine, we see a wide variety of different colored vehicles on a daily basis. Some colors are easier to maintain than others – dirt on a silver car may be less visible than on a blue one. For this week, instead of a blog on auto detailing, we thought it would be interesting to see why people choose the colors they do. We’re experts in auto detailing, not psychology, however, so the following information comes from other sources who have done studies on this very subject.

The following information was compiled from several sources including Colorpsychology.orgBankrate.com, Today.com and Esurance.com.


Silver: According to studies, silver may be a representation of technology and innovation as many devices (think laptops, smartphones) are also silver and may also represent practicality and responsibility. Silver is one of the top 3 most popular colors aside from white and black.

White: Another of the “most popular colors” for vehicles is white. This can be a representation of elegance, confidence and keeping things orderly. The “orderly” part stems from the fact that white cars show dirt more and therefore might need to be washed more often.

Black: This color is popular in luxury cars. It can represent sophistication (like black-tie/black dress events), power and elegance.

Red: Red vehicles are said to be tied to high-energy, standing out, anxiousness and being outgoing. Red can also be seen as confident and fun. As one articlestates, “It’s hard not to notice a bright red car no matter what the make or model.”

Blue: Looking to display an upbeat, positive and confident message? Then blue may be the color for you. Blue can also be seen as reliable and professional, which may be why so many companies use this color in their brands (American Express, Boeing, Wal-Mart and of course Capitol Shine!).

Brown/Beige: Many articles state that brown and beige vehicles represent drivers who are down-to-earth and grounded. One report also theorizes that this color has risen in popularity because “of its association with rich chocolate and coffee browns.”

Yellow: According to some studies, yellow is often associated with smiley faces, being happy, a “sunny disposition,” and a great sense of humor. It can be a bold choice which may explain why only 1%-2% of vehicles are painted yellow.

Orange: Orange is said to be tied to focusing on value-rich investments, going against the tide and being an “individual.” According to Bankrate.com, orange is one of the “least favorite colors of new car buyers in the U.S”, accounting for only 0.40% of vehicles.

Green: Like brown and beige, green cars can represent being more grounded and balanced. It also can display “extreme confidence,” trustworthiness and a well-balanced life.

Do you agree with this list? Of course we know this is not definitive and there are many other variables that go into choosing a color. It’s interesting to note that these studies dive even deeper into colors and variations of those colors (such as light vs. dark blue). The above information is brief overview so we encourage you to visit the links above for more information. Like we said before, we’re no psychologists, but we can definitely say that with all of the new and recurring customers we see at Capitol Shine on a daily basis, regardless of color, one thing is clear – we know you love your cars, trucks, vans and SUVs. We’re honored that you trust us with providing the upmost care and detail when it comes to your ride.

So no matter if your car is blue, red, white, black, silver, orange, green, purple or any other color, we can detail it! We can also restore your paint to look it’s best through our paint correction and paint protection options like Ceramic Pro, Opti-Coat Pro and Paint Protection Film.

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